I finally got around to updating and extending the code for creating a custom fitness in something else than Jscript in GeneXproTools. Back in 2003 we chose javascript as the internal scripting language because it was – and is – very well supported by Microsoft and is very robust. It also supports all the functions we need natively and has good precision to the point that we rely on it for our Scoring engine. We could have supported VBScript too and still may in the future but it does not have all the required maths functions so it has been postponed until our clients start asking for it.

In version 4.0 of GeneXproTools the custom fitness implementation was completely changed and it is now much less dependent on the size of the datasets and much faster (maybe 10X faster for your average dataset). But it still gives a very rudimentary development experience without integrated debugging or tracing. So I started this tutorial that shows how to create a COM component in VB6 and instantiate it from within the javascript allowing our clients to write the functions in VB6 – I know it is old but it is still the easiest for COM component development. And now, I am releasing the version 2 with two bonuses: a solution in C# and VB.NET and a library to access the datasets directly. Check out the complete tutorial in our official website.