The Data Provider for SQLite is stable enough for me to publish it here. If you want to use it you will need to download and install the ADO.NET 2.0 SQLite Data Provider which in fact does all the heavy lifting. Then download subsonic’s source code from Google Code, add the file SQLiteDataProvider.cs to the Subsonic project under the DataProviders folder and add the line:

public const string SQLITE = “SQLiteDataProvider”;

To the class DataProviderTypeName in the Constants.cs file:

public class DataProviderTypeName
const string SQL_SERVER = “SqlDataProvider”;
public const string SQLITE = “SQLiteDataProvider”;

Then add a reference to System.Data.SQLite to the SubSonic project.

To test the provider you will need the sample database, an adapted version of the pubs database which contains all the data except that I changed the date format of all the dates to YYYY-mm-dd by hand so they may be different from the original data.

And finally we have the configuration. First add the line:

<add name=Pubs
connectionString=Data Source=C:\…\pubs.db/>

To the connectionstrings.config file adjusting the connection string to point to the database location. Then open the Web.config and, in the /configuration/SubSonicService/providers node add a new provider:

<add name=Pubs
type=SubSonic.SQLiteDataProvider, SubSonic

I also created several unit tests and added them to the SubSonic.Tests project but I don’t think it is compatible with all the others tests which are not provide specific so unless you want to modify the provider ignore it.

The code can be downloaded from:
(newer download)


ADO.NET 2.0 SQLite Data Provider

Enjoy and let me know how it goes. If you need help leave a comment here.

P.S.This code is released code under the same license as SubSonic ( ).