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The guys at SubSonic gave me access to the repository for me to upload the SQLiteDataProvider files and I thought, no sweat, I’ll get the latest version, compile, run my tests, play around with the Auto Scaffolding  and Commit. Well, all went according to plan until I tried to commit. At this point Subversion asked me for authentication so I entered my Google account credentials but no luck, it refused them. So I went back and checked SubSonic’s project code, and, for sure there I was as a contributor. Then I tried all the variations as in codefornothing, codefornothing(at)gmail.com, etc. But still it did not work. Next thing was googling for authentication problems (and writing an email to Rob a bit too early J).

After some digging I found out we need a different password to access Google Code. And the funniest part is that you have to go to your page in Google Code look for it (click your name under project members then select the Settings tab). I understand that Google did not bother to integrate with Subversion but they could be more explicit about this hurdle like sending an email the first time someone is added to a project.

Armed with the new password I went to my file system (I am using TortoiseSVN) and issued the commit… still cannot authenticate! Some more digging later, I found a post about checking out using http and updating using https and I wondered if that was part of the problem. In a very IT engineering move I created a new folder on my drive and started from scratch, this time checking out using https from the start. This time it asked for authentication right from the outset. I had to reapply all my changes to this new copy and commit… and everything worked as expected. I guess that this is gospel for Subversion users but after loosing a couple of hours I think that Google should post some kind of tutorial for the rest of us. Or maybe it’s just me…