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The nice guys at SubSonic let me upload the code to their project. I hope this makes things easier if you are using it in your projects. I only committed the SubSonic project files and left out the SubSonicCentral configuration which is documented here.

I also uploaded the latest System.Data.SQLite.dll into the References folder but you will probably want to install it (see the link at the end) to get the documentation.

I left out my unit tests as there aren’t any other provider specific tests in the main trunk and I don’t want to add dependencies to that project. You can find it in the links below and, to use it you need to add it to the SubSonic.Tests project, you will also need to add the provider and the connection string to the App.config, download the test database (see below) and add a reference to System.Data.SQLite.

The provider is still experimental and I did not try under any type of realistic load so handle with care.

Get the latest code from:

The tests and test database can be downloaded from:

ADO.NET 2.0 SQLite Data Provider