WPF is all about markup and the composition experience in Visual Studio is so seamless that most of the time I forget that each one of those markup types are indeed real .NET types. Also pervasive in XAML are markup extensions and creating our own custom markup extension is as simple as creating a new class that inherits from MarkupExtension and overriding the ProvideValue method.

A few days ago I was reminded of all the above when I found a neat way of reducing the amount of plumbing required by a converter in XAML:

Making Value Converters More Accessible in Markup

Worth a complete read so I won’t repeat it here.

And a concise and to the point How To for implementing your own MarkupExtensions can be found here

Have fun.

*This is the beginning of a series of very short entries designed to store links to articles, software, tips and any other matter I want to follow up or use in the near future or that is just plain cool.