The Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 download is about 1.2 G for Team System and a little less for the professional edition. I started installation on my main development machine which is a dual core AMD running Windows 7. It required a restart after the installation of the framework itself and during the installation of Microsoft Help 3.0 Beta 1 it could not find the file helpviewer_ENU.exe which is not in the DVD at all (update: not true, it is but Windows 7’s search did not find it). I tried a few cycles of cancelling the dialog but no luck. Back to MSDN to download the professional edition and try my luck with that one…

I have the error log if anyone wants to have a look.

Now installing the Professional Edition and it installed the Microsoft Help 3.0 Beta 1 without any problems and the file can be found in the Professional Edition DVD at <drive>:\WCU\Viewer

And it is installed less than 20 minutes later which is an impressive short amout of time! VS 2008 seems to be working, at least I can open a large solution and rebuild normally.

In VS 2010 the first thing that stands out, is that the default font is now Consolas. Not sure but worth a try. The UI does not look too different from 2008 as everything appears to be in the same place. Unfortunately it will not open 2008 solutions without converting them to 2010.