One of the the main features of the upcoming version of GeneXproTools is data visualization. Some of our charts, usually the more innovative, are home brewed but there is no point in rolling out yet another scatter chart when there are so many free and for pay high quality alternatives. Or so I thought.

We decided a while ago to migrate the front end of GeneXproTools to WPF a decision that so far we are happy with, so logically we should pick up a WPF chart component. After some searching I found this thread at stackoverflow detailing most free and for pay alternatives but as soon as you dig into them you will find out they are divided into three groups:

  • Very expensive charts
  • Very slow charts
  • Non WPF charts

Of course there are non WPF charts that are very expensive (and possibly slow) but the point here is that I could not find a reasonably priced WPF chart that would be able to show a few tens of thousands of points in scatter mode without stuttering or loading delays. The WPF chart that came closest to it was Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Display which has an interesting API but in the end it was dropped due to UI inconsistencies and because it looks like a dead project. The paid for alternatives that are reasonably priced were a disappointment. Some have good performance characteristics but their focus is different from ours. They are very quick when redrawing a limited number of points but they take wall time to redraw large numbers of points (in the tens of thousands ballpark).

Well, then what is the alternative? The alternative is to go back in time and use the Microsoft Chart for WinForms. It draws tens of thousands, if not hundreds, without breaking a sweat, includes many different chart types including a FastPoint and even less mainstream ones such as a simple Histogram and it is free. The chart itself was licensed to Microsoft by Dundas which appears to have dropped it. That is a pity because it included a very nice configuration tool that is not available with Microsoft’s version. The downside is that you cannot use window transparency in the application and some flickering when the chart is loaded for the very first time but it seems to be a fair compromise.