My name is Jose Simas, I am a consultant and co-founder of Gepsoft a microISV in Bristol, UK.

I work mostly with Microsoft technologies and the fields I like most are data mining and data visualisation. Throughout my career, I released shrink wrapped software, developed custom software in different markets from accountancy to hospitals and developed and maintained in house systems.

I started programming in 1984 using a borrowed Z81. My background is in electronics and I learned assembly for the x86 and programmed some funky controllers. Later I bought a Commodore 64 and learned BASIC and 6502 assembly too. That was followed by an Amiga, an outstanding machine for its time. I first developed on the PC in university where I learned Pascal. At some point I decided to leave engineering and study photography instead. After a couple of years studying photography in Lisbon I started a career as a photographer and journalist. At some point my work inflected to graphic design and in 1994 I was developing for the web. I never stopped programming over this time, mostly using QBasic or Visual Basic, but with the web I re-started my software development career by learning ASP(!). Over the years I developed several applications in VB6, C++, c#, python and VB.NET.

In 2000, together with my partner, I founded Gepsoft and went on to jointly develop GeneXproTools and Color Fitting. The first is a very interesting and unique application in the field of data analysis and the second is a colour scheme application that uses heuristics instead of colour theory.

I live in Bristol, UK and you can contact me by email on codefornothing at gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, Reading your blog, Just found it, i was thinking to run a project like write 100 lines of Code everyday, but than thought with the volume i can’t measure my expertise level upgraded or not.So, i was thinking to search again what can be the way, something with topic wise.

  2. Hi Jose,

    I just found you guys after finally making a start on the Gene Expression Programming book I won in a draw last year! Wish I’d looked at it all sooner but better late than never.

    I’m also a local, I’m based in Portishead :).

    • codefornothing said:

      Hello from Bristol then :-). I used to go to Portishead a lot but then they closed Novatech :-( Very nice town. Have fun with GEP!

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